Fellow Membership

Fellow Membership is limited to two-hundred (200). Candidates for this category must be nominated and seconded in writing by three Fellow Members of The Academy, and must be approved by the Membership Committee, the Council and The Academy by three-fourths vote. Applications for this category must be in the hands of the Membership Committee for not less than two months before the annual meeting.

A candidate for this category must be a citizen of the U.S. or Canada (unless waived by the Council), and shall have achieved distinction in the field or shall have made a meritorious contribution to knowledge pertaining to cardiopulmonary perfusion.

Dues are $180 per year, and other assessments as deemed necessary. Fellow Members must attend, at least, one meeting each three years, and must keep their dues and assessments current. In addition, they must actively participate in perfusion education by sponsoring, authoring, or presenting a paper before The Academy, at least once each three years. Fellow Members are removed from the Fellow Member roles by failing to comply with these commitments.

Fellow Member Application