2018 AACP Annual Meeting Videos – New Orleans, LA

39 th Annual Seminar of The American Academy of Cardiovascular Perfusion
New Orleans Marriott Hotel
New Orleans, Louisiana
January 17 – 20, 2018
Special Scientific Panel: Hot Topics and Current Trends
Moderators: Daniel Fitzgerald and David Fitzgerald
Dr. Marc DicksteinTraining and SimulationView Video
Ken FungNew and Emerging TechnologiesView Video
Dr. Keith GipsonHypobaric PerfusionView Video
Christine ChanComplex Aortic Repair View Video
Panel Q&AView Video
Special Scientific Panel : Complex Congenital Heart Surgery
Moderators: Tami Rosenthal and Carmen Giacomuzzi
Molly BryantComparison of Two Pediatric Cases Requiring the Use of Bivalirudin During Cardiopulmonary Bypass View Video
Dr. Christopher Mascio  Ventricular Assist Devices for the Failing Fontan Patient View Video
Richard MelchiorA Perfusionist’s Guide for the 15kg Failing Fontan on a VAD View Video
Isaac ChinnappanSuccessful Oxygenator Change Out During Cardiopulmonary Bypass In A Pediatric Patient With Hypercholesterolemia – Alagille SyndromeView Video
Dr. Christopher MascioSingle Ventricle vs 1.5/2v Repair DilemmaView Video
Panel Q&AView Video
Special Scientific Panel: Scientific Research: Biostatistics, Epidemiology, Quality Measures, Outcomes and Reporting  
Moderators: Linda Mongero and James MacDonald
Joseph Sistino, PhD, CCPUpdate on Scientific ResearchView Video
Eric Tesdahl, PhDBiostatisticsView Video
Alfred Stammers, MS, CCPQuality Measures and OutcomesView Video
Tom Coley, RN, CCP EmeritusInfection Prevention and ControlView Video
Panel Q&AView Video
Special Scientific Panel: Education, Communication & Collaboration With Industry Partners
Moderator: Giovanni Cecere
Giovanni CecereIntroductionView Video
Doug PlattCardioQuipView Video
Allen ChenGetinge View Video
Kenny ShannInvoSurg, Inc.View Video
Denise SteinbringMedtronic Perfusion Systems, Inc.View Video
Richard HayesQuest Medical, Inc.View Video
Alfred StammersSpecialtyCare View Video
Jeremy TamariSpectrum MedicalView Video
Michael RebuldelaTerumo Cardiovascular Systems CorporationView Video
Panel Q&AView Video
Memorial Session
Cris ClayIn Memorium - Diane ClarkView Video
James MacDonaldTalara Hill Memorial and Charles C. Reed Memorial LectureView Video
James BeckThomas G. Wharton Memorial LectureView Video
Entire Memorial SessionView Video
Scientific Paper Session
Moderators : Richard Chan & Christine Chan
Richard J. WalczakCase Report: Stage 1 Norwood Procedure Utilizing Continuous Coronary Perfusion And Selective Perfusion Of Upper And Lower BodyView Video
Isaac ChinnappanEffectiveness Of Ratio Based Blood Prime Composition For Speciality Procedures (ABO Incompatible Heart Transplants And Sickle Cell Patients) Requiring Partial Or Complete Exchange Transfusion To Conduct Safe Cardiopulmonary BypassView Video
Jamie GreeneEffects Of Hyperoxia During CPB On The Integrity Of The Myocardium Post CPBView Video
Serdar Gunaydin, MD, PhDPerioperative Comparison Of Histidine-Tryptophan-Ketoglutarate, Del Nido, St. Thomas And Cold Blood Cardioplegia Protocols In High-Risk CABG PatientsView Video
Edward DarlingFundamental Skills Of Adult Cardiopulmonary Bypass: Results Of The 2017 National SurveyView Video
Philip FernandesA 24 Hour Perioperative Case Study On Argatroban Use For Left Ventricle Assist Device Insertion During Cardiopulmonary Bypass And Veno-Arterial Extracorporeal Membrane OxygenationView Video
Scientific Paper Session
Moderators: William Riley & Richard Walzack
Dorothy GarbinEvaluation Of Bacterial And Fungal Growth In A Primed Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation CircuitView Video
Emily ThunstromIncorporating Technology Can Be Imperative For Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation Patient Care: A Case StudyView Video
Rachel DijkstraLactate Clearance And pH Restoration During Veno-Arterial Extracorporeal Life SupportView Video
Bharat DattGravity Venous Drainage & The 3/8 Inch Venous Line. What Would Poiseuille Do?View Video
Zachary E. TibbsThe Adequacy Of Oxygen Delivery During Minimally Invasive (Thoracotomy) And Conventional (Sternotomy) Mitral Valve ProceduresView Video
Robert GrimmettCase Report: Utilization Of Branch-First Technique And Distal Elephant Graft For A Gnarly Re-Operative Aortic SurgeryView Video
Trevor SwyersMitral And Tricuspid Valve Repair In An Adult Patient With Sickle Cell Disease Utilizing Del Nido Cardiopegia With Sequestered Blood PrimeView Video
Alfred H. StammersDoes The Type Of Cardioplegia Used During Valve Surgery Influence Operative Nadir Hematocrit And Transfusion Requirements?View Video
Scientific Paper Session
Moderators: Deborah Adams And John Toomasian
Christopher MalatestaHeart Transplant For A Jehovah’s Witness Patient : A Case ReportView Video
Alfred H. StammersGender And Intra-Operative Blood Transfusion: Analysis Of 45,200 Non-Reoperative Coronary Revascularization ProceduresView Video
Ashley HodgeAlbumin Priming Improves Efficiency Of The Minntech HPH Jr Hemoconcentrator View Video
Julie FenskeDevelopment Of A Model For Albumin Priming In Pediatric Cardiopulmonary Bypass CircuitsView Video
Kimberly PhamWould You Put Green Tea In Your Prime?View Video
Halle SwannImproving Hemolysis Levels Associated With Cardiotomy SuctionView Video
Nicholas A HirschThe Effect Of Hypothermia On Blood-Brain Barrier Protein ExpressionView Video
Kelsey R. CoyleCan The Effects Of Estrogen On The Vasculature Be Leveraged To Improve Cardiac Surgery Outcomes?View Video