Thomas G. Wharton Memorial Lectures

The Thomas G. Wharton Memorial Lecture is given each year by the President of The Academy at the Annual Seminar of The American Academy of Cardiovascular Perfusion.

This series is reprinted with the permission of The Proceedings of The American Academy of Cardiovascular Perfusion.

Thomas Wharton was a friend of perfusion in the true sense of the word. He worked for Travenol Laboratories for sixteen years starting in 1958. Tom then started his own company, Human Resources, Inc. During this time he served as the first Executive Director of the Journal of Extracorporeal Technology, the Executive Director of the American Society of Extracorporeal Technology (1977) and the Executive Director of the American Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion. In 1978, Tom moved to California accepting the position of Product Manager of tubing packs for William Harvey Research Corporation.

Thomas Wharton believed in perfusion as a career and a profession. He also believed in formal education for the perfusionist. In the summer of 1979, Tom handed a perfusionist from Birmingham, Alabama, $2000.00 and told him to “go out and start that perfusion education organization we have talked about for so long.” That is how this Academy was founded. Unfortunately while driving to work that fall, Tom had a heart attack and died. He never witnessed the formation or attended the first meeting of this society he was so instrumental in forming.


Any views or opinions presented are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the American Academy of Cardiovascular Perfusion. Our organization promotes a mission of scholasticism and academic dialogue for the purpose of education and dissemination of science as related to cardiovascular perfusion technology.

1988 “The Cause and Cure for the Shortage of Perfusionists “ Raymond C. Stofer
1993 “On A Personal Note…..” James MacDonald
1994 “Reflections on the Future” Sue K. Reaves
1995 “Love and Perfusion” Jerry W. Richmond
1996 “If I Do This, I Cannot Do That” Diane Clark
1997 “Life Hangs in the Balance Richard Berryessa
1998 “What Will Be Our Legacy? David A. Palanzo
1999 “What Will You Be When You Grow Up?” Frank Delgado
2000 “Now Is Forever?” Richard G. L. Chan
2001 “What will it take to meet the challenges of this century?” Robert C. Groom
2002 “Entropy of the Perfusion Profession: Fact or Fiction?” Ronald M. Babka
2003 “Hail to the Unsung Hero John M. Toomasian
2004 “Funding A Future For Perfusion” David Ogella
2005 “Perfusion: The Missing Link” Sherry Faulkner
2006 “IMPACT” James G. Beavers
2007 “Investing In Our Future” Joseph J. Sistino
2008 “Who Moved My Pump” Robert Kroslowitz
2009 “The Vision for Opportunity” Thomas M. Frazier
2010 “Teamwork:  A Necessary Requirement For Success” Ian R. Shearer
2011 “Keep the Fire Burning” Edward Darling
2012 “Grateful, But Grumpy” Daniel FitzGerald
2013 “The Pervasion of Perfusion” Linda Mongero
2014 “Building on Innovation” D. Scott Lawson
2015  “Experience: The Greatest Teacher” Steven W. Sutton
2016  “Extreme Ownership” Vincent F. Olshove, Jr.
2017  “We Only Look Back To See How Far We Have Come” Kevin Lilly
2018 “Building Successful Teams, the Reality Approach” James Beck
2019  “Because I Am A Perfusionist” Kevin Charette
2020  “The Magic of Cumulative Effect” Carmen Giacomuzzi
2022 “The Four C’s of Communication” William Riley
2023 “Symphony of Perfusion” Justin Resley