2021 AACP Annual Meeting Videos – Virtual Event

42nd Annual Seminar of The American Academy of Cardiovascular Perfusion:

A Virtual Event

February 6-13, 2021


Welcome and Opening by William Riley, AACP President

Part #1 – Saturday, February 6, 2021 (8:30 AM – 12:30 PM)

Non-Technical Aspects of Perfusion

Moderators: Molly Bryant, CCP, MHA, FPP and Edward Delaney, MS, MBA, LP, CCP


Brad Kulat, CCP, LP, FPPAmerican Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion Report View Video
Kainat AyubHeart Surgery, What Does it Really Cost?View Video
Molly Bryant CCP, MHA, FPPThe Effect of COVID on Perfusion Students and New GraduatesView Video
Special Panel
James R. Beck, MPS, CCP, LPHow Can Team Communication Improve Patient Care? Using IT Solutions and DashboardsView Video
Roger Daglius Dias, MD, MBA, PhDValidation of the Perfusionists’ Intraoperative Non-Technical Skills (PINTS) ToolView Video
David Fitzgerald, CCP, MPH, DHAThe Just Culture of Shared Accountability View Video
John P. Puleo, Esq.Perfusionist LiabilityView Video
Beck, Dias, Fitzgerald, PuleoPanel DiscussionView Video
ModeratorsFireside Chat
Brian Schwartz, Joseph Sistino, David FitzgeraldClinical Instructor’s ForumView Video
Tami Rosenthal, Brad Kulat, David BoynePediatricsView Video

Part #2 – Saturday, February 6, 2021 (1:00 PM – 5:00 PM)


Moderators: Michael Smith, PhD, CCP and Christine Chan, CCP, LP


Special Panel
Harvey Rinder, MDCellular Response to CPB: Clinical Relevance View Video
Christine Chan, CCP, LPCan Automated Data Acquisition Assist Clinicians in Oxygen delivery on CPB? Help your patients!, DO2i & TDRView Video
Edward DeLaney MS, MBA, LP, CCP and Derek Brinster MDACP and RCP for Valve Sparing Root Hemiarch Procedure: Tips and TricksView Part 1
View Part 2
Lorenzo Berra, MDNitric Oxide in the Era of COVID-19 View Video
Rinder, Chan, DeLaney, Brinster, BerraPanel DiscussionView Video
Brian Lester, RNComparison of Del Nido to Blood Cardioplegia in Adults and PediatricsView Video
Al Stammers - MSA, PBMS, CCP EmeritusThe Assessment of Patients Undergoing Cardiac Surgery for COVID-19View Video
Maria Plomondon Meta-Analysis on ANH & RAP on Reducing Allogeneic Blood TransfusionsView Video
ModeratorsFireside Chat
Killian Patton, Ed Delaney, Katie GrayBlood ConservationView Video
Larry Garrison, Christine Chan, Jimmy Beck Perfusion AccidentsView Video

Part #3 – Tuesday, February 9, 2021 (5:30 PM – 10:30 PM)

Conduct of Research

Moderators: Edward Darling, MS, LP, CCP and Joshua Walker, BS, CCP, CSFA


Edward M. Darling, MS, LP, CCPFaculty: ECMO Education in a Perfusion Program (Program Perspective) View Video
Michael Wynn, Alex Taylor and Jamie JordanStudent Perspective of ECMO Capstone Experience View Video
Nathan MinieMyocardial Protection Comparing Warm and Cold Cardioplegia Delivery MethodsView Video
Special Panel
Tony Calhoun, CCPIsolated Heart PerfusionView Video
Al Stammers – MSA, PBMS, CCP EmeritusTrials and Tribulations of Research: The Good, the Bad and the Terrible View Video
Nitin A. Das, MDResearch CollaborationsView Video
Mark Kurusz, CCP Emeritus and John Toomasian, MS, CCPThe Processes and Pitfalls of Peer-Review and PublicationPeer Review
Processes of Publication
Calhoun, Stammers, Das, Kurusz, ToomasianPanel DiscussionView Video
Stephanie JohnsonProphylactic Steroids and SIRS on CPBView Video
Linda Mongero, CCP EmeritusThe Development Of A National Quality Program For Extracorporeal Membrane OxygenationView Video
Steven Sutton, CCPHistory of Pandemics – Epidemics: Innovative Responses View Powerpoint Presentation
ModeratorsFireside Chat
Bill Nicotra, Greg SmiglaMyocardial Protection View Video
Ann Guercio, Allison Weinberg, Christine PryalPump On: First Five YearsView Video
Ryan Piech, John ToomasianScope of PracticeView Video

Part #4 – Thursday, February 11, 2021 (5:30 PM – 10:30 PM)

Outside the Box

Moderators: Killian Patton-Rivera, CCP, LP and Allison Weinberg, CCP, MHA


Blaine Johnson, MBA, CCP, LPPreliminary Report of the 2020 Organ Care System Workforce SurveyView Video
Craig HaugSurgical Awareness in LVAD ProceduresView Video
Jennifer L. Pierce BSN, RNConventional Ultrafiltration Versus Diuretic Use with Cardiopulmonary Bypass and Postoperative Outcomes: A Meta-Analysis of Literature ReviewsView Video
Special Panel
Rachel Gambino, CCPManaging ECMO Catastrophes on the Road and in the AirView Video
Nicholas Mellas, CCPNYC Covid-19 ExperienceView Video
Tia Tortoriello Raymond, MD, FAAP, FAHAPediatric ICU ResuscitationView Video
Greg MacLean, CCP, David Sturmer, CCP Gretchen Lawson, RRT, Killian Patton-Rivera, CCP, LPCPB to ECMO Simulation: A Multi-Disciplinary HandoffView Video
Gambino, Mellas, Raymond, Patton-RiveraPanel DiscussionView Video
Herson HernandezMeta-Analysis on the Clinical Benefits of Miniaturized Extracorporeal Circuits Compared to Conventional Cardiopulmonary Bypass and Off-Pump Coronary Artery BypassView Video
Kathryn CirilloComparing Hydroxocobalamin and Methylene Blue in the Treatment of Vasoplegic SyndromeView Video
Steven Sutton, CCPInnovation and Our Historical PastView Powerpoint Presentation
ModeratorsFireside Chats
Ashleigh LeBlanc, Ally Aquino, Justin SleasmanPediatricsView Video
Gio Cecere, Joseph Catricala, Robin SuttonSimulationView Video
Molly Bryant, Josh Walker, Rich Melchior, Denesha StoverStudents Only ForumView Video

Part #5 – Saturday, February 13, 2021 (8:30 AM – 12:30 PM) Multi-disciplinary Day


Moderators: Kirti Patel, MPS, MPH, CCP, LP, CPBMT, Greg Smigla, CCP, FPP and Adam Fernandez, DHSc, FRSB, CCP


Nicholas Mesisca BSN, RN, CCRNExtracorporeal Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation: From Cannulation to HomeView Video
Craig Rackley, MD and Anne Matthews, MDDebate: COVID-19 Respiratory Failure: Just Treat it like ARDSView Dr. Rackley's Video
View Dr. Matthews's Video
Special Panel
Gary Schwartz, MDECMO Lessons Learned During COVID-19 Experience View Video
Justin Sleasman CCP, MS, FPPELSO Supplies Platform: ECMO Equipment Sharing Made EasyView Video
Lorenzo Berra, MDNitric Oxide on Cardiopulmonary BypassView Video
Al Stammers – MSA, PBMS, CCP EmeritusQuality in Perfusion: Hard to Define But I Know It When I See ItView Video
Schwartz, Sleasman, Berra, StammersPanel DiscussionView Video
ModeratorsFireside Chat
Tom Preston, Chloe Choi, David PalmerECMO Scenarios and TransportsView Video
Mike Brewer, Al Stammers, Justin ResleyEMRView Video
Joey Timpa, Dafne Chianella, Adam FernandezPediatric ECMOView Video

Part #6 – Saturday, February 13, 2021 (1:00 PM – 5:00 PM) Multi-disciplinary Day


Moderators: Linda Mongero, CCP Emeritus, Steven Sutton, CCP and Jeff Riley, MHPE, CCP Emeritus


Special Panel
Luc Puis, ECCPEuropean ECMO Experience With COVID-19View Video
Timothy M. Crombleholme, MD, FAAP, FACSFuture of Pediatric ECMO View Video
Sarah Lojovich, MS, CCP, LPMassachusetts General Hospital ECMO Cannulation SimulationView Video
James R. Beck, MPS, CCP, LPFuture of ECMO, Where Are Our Challenges? What's New Now and What's on the Horizon?View Video
Puis, Crombleholme, Lojovich, BeckPanel DiscussionView Video
Steven Sutton, CCPGoal-Directed PerfusionView Video
View GDP Equations
Mani Daneshmand, MD and Jacob Klapper, MDDebate: ECPR: What Is It Good For?View PRO Video
View CON Video
ModeratorsFireside Chat
Alex Gum, Deb Adams, Ian Shearer, Ann GuercioDealing with StressView Video
Linda Mongero, Sara Lojovich, Dana Apsel MullinsECMO: Starting, Maintaining, Growing a ProgramView Video
Tom Preston, Chloe Choi, David PalmerEverything ECMO: ECMO Scenarios and TransportsView Video

Closing by William Riley, AACP President