2022 AACP Annual Meeting Videos – Lost Pines, Texas

Thursday, February 10, 2022
Scientific Paper Session
Moderators: Keith Bryant and Scott Noesges
Hypobaric Perfusion, Latest Update, What's on the horizon? Gabrielle Ward, CCPView Video
Hemostatic Complications On ECMO In COVID-19 (Sars-CoV-2) Negative Versus COVID-19 (Sars-CoV-2) Positive PatientsMichelle McArdleView Video
Improvements in clinician performance and Goal Directed Perfusion (GDP) on CPB: What does the data suggest? Christine ChanView Video
Comparing Recommended Limits Of Nadir DO2i Between Adult And Pediatric Patients During Cardiopulmonary Bypass: A Meta-AnalysisKris FischerView Video
Special Scientific Panel Session - Myocardial Protection and Transplant
Moderators: Steven Sutton and Edward Delaney
DNA Microplegia vs Del Nido: A Single and Multi-dose StudyScott Noesges, CCP, LPView Video
ABO Incompatiable Transplant TherapyDr. Richard Issitt, B.Sc (Hons), PgCert, DClinP, FCCP, AACPView Video
Myocardial ProtectionGreg Matte, CCP, LP, FPPView Video
Custodial CardioplegiaBill Nicotra, MSL, CCP, LPView Video
Xenotransplant - Today and TomorrowTony Calhoun, MS, CCPView Video
Panel DiscussionView Video
Accreditation and Credentialling Updates
Moderator: Brad Kulat
State of the ABCPBrad Kulat, CCPView Video
ABCP 2020/2021 Workforce Survey ReviewAnn Guercio CCP, LP, MBAView Video
AC-PE Continuing Education ModulesEmily Thunstrom-Kahring, MS, CCPView Video
Panel DiscussionView Video
Hemoglobin: “What You May Not Know” and Its Significance During Cardiopulmonary BypassSteven Sutton, LP, CCPView PowerP
Special Scientific Panel Session - Current Topics
Moderators: Ann Guercio and Allison Weinberg
Cardiogenic Shock TeamVika Kagan, APN-BCView Video
Reoperative Aortic Arch Repair and Frozen Elephant Trunk Stent Graft: Surgeon and Perfusionist ReviewEdward DeLaney, MS, MBA, LP, CCP and Derek Brinster, MDView Video
CARMAT TAH: First US Implant at Duke UniversityCharles Knoerzer MS, CCP, LP and Emily Venneri MS, CCP, LPView Video
Airflow in the Operating Room Carl Gisnarian, CCPView Video
Heparin Management for Pediatric CPB: What's the big fuss?Bharat Datt, MS,CCP,CPC,FPP,MBAView Video
Machine Learning, Perfusion Decision MakingRoger Daglius Dias, MDView Video
Panel DiscussionView Video
Friday, February 11, 2022
Scientific Paper Session
Moderators: Edward Darling and Kirti Patel
Case Report, ECMO Oxygenator Changeouts, Algorithm Based, Hemolysis, COVID vs. Conventional: What's going on today? Chloe ChoiView Video
Circuitry Challenges and Clinical Significance of Integrating CRRT with PediMag VAD Support for an Infant with Single Ventricle Complex PhysiologyIsaac Chinnappan, MS, CCP, LCP, FPP, CPBMT, CPBMS, CES-AView Video
Using Circulating ACE2 Products To Predict Prognosis And Determine Efficacy Of Treatment For ARDS Patients Receiving VV ECMO Therapy Megan ThorbahnView Video
Comparison of Alternative Anticoagulation Strategies for Extracorporeal Membrane OxygenationTrevor MillikanView Video
Special Panel - International Perspective
Moderator: Robert Stroud
Cardiac Mission: A Decade of DedicationRobert Stroud, MS, CCP, LPView Video
Establishing Sustainable Cardiac Care AboardClarisa Czekajlo, CCP, MSView Video
Perfusion in Spain (PerfusFind)Joan EstellerView Video
Special Scientific Panel Session - Cardiac Assist Devices
Moderators: Isaac Chinnappan and Sanjey Patel
Current IABP TrendsKacey E. Dee, BSN, RNView Video
Surgical Application of ImpellaJacob Adams, MBAView Video
Left Ventricular Assist DevicesO. Howard "Bud" Frazier, MDView Video
Panel DiscussionView Video
Stockings & Parachutes: How Textiles Changed The World - The Evolution of Cardiovascular Surgery Steven Sutton, LP, CCPView PowerPoint
Memorial Session
Moderator: Carmen Giacomuzzi
In Memoriam: Richard AdamsView Video
In Memoriam: Jeffrey B. RileyView Video
Charles C. Reed Memorial Lecture Charles CarterView Video
Wharton Lecture IntroductionCarmen Giacomuzzi, CCPView Video
Thomas G. Wharton Memorial LectureWilliam Riley, CCPView Video
Saturday, February 12, 2022 - Multi-disciplinary ECMO Day
Special Scientific Panel Session - Data Management
Moderators: Bharat Datt and Linda Mongero
Transitioning from Paper to Paperless Charting - Our ExperienceGill Ford II, CCP, LPView Video
EMR for Perfusion – What 30 years has taught me.Stephen Peterson, CCPView Video
ERACS, early recovery following cardiac surgery, can automated data acquisition improve patient care?James Beck, CCPView Video
Computer Automated Bypass, Autopilot. Is it ready for Prime Time? Kenmund Fung, CCPView Video
Panel DiscussionView Video
The Future of Our ProfessionSteven Sutton, LP, CCPView PowerPoint
Special Scientific Panel Session - Current ECMO Topics - Part I
Moderators: Christine Chan and Justin Resley
Pediatric ECMO: Philosophy & PracticeBharat Datt, MS,CCP,CPC,FPP,MBAView Video
Characterizing Severe Post COVID-19 Patients Who Required Lung Transplantation Allison EbyView Video
Patient and Family Experiences of Adult ECMOKrista A. Knudson, PhD, APRNView Video
ECMO Sharing NetworkJustin Sleasman, CCPView Video
Panel DiscussionView Video
Special Scientific Panel Session - Current ECMO Topics - Part II
Moderators: David Fitzgerald and James Beck
"Virtual" Physiology of ECMOMarc Dickstein, MDView Video
ECMO AmbulationDaniel Brodie, MDView Video
Review of the ECMO “Mixing Cloud” Phenomenon and Comparison of Harvi and Califia Simulators to Diagnose Differential Hypoxia in Adult Peripheral V-A ECMO Models Anthony Evangelista, RN, CCRNView Video
ECMO Trial Off With Retrograde Flow Giles Peek, MDView Video
Our Experience With CytoSorb® Fred Hill, CCPView Video
Panel DiscussionView Video