2023 AACP Annual Meeting Videos – Savannah, Georgia

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Thursday, February 2, 2023
Paper Presentations
Moderators: Keith Bryant, William Riley
ECMO and PTSD: Long Term Quality of Life after ECMO SurvivalKaitlin BannonView Video
Dynamic Filling Index For Assessment Of Cardiac Load-Responsiveness In Veno-Arterial Extracorporeal Life Support Patients: A Case SeriesAntoine SimonsView Video
Effect Of Geography On The Use Of Ultrafiltration During Cardiac Surgery With Cardiopulmonary BypassAlfred StammersView Video
Redosing Of Single Shot Cardioplegic Solutions In Adult Cardiac Surgery Requiring Prolonged Aortic Cross-Clamp: A Comparative StudyDr. Serdar GunaydinView Video
A Novel Approach To Retrograde Autologous Priming For Infant, Pediatric And Adult Populations Undergoing Congenital Heart SurgeryJoseph DeptulaView Video
Special Panel Session
Moderators: Carmen Giacomuzzi, Amy Ging, Mat Tyndal
Using Machine Learning to Improve Best Practice ComplianceDavid HammillView Video
Human Factors in PerfusionDr. Connor LuskView Video
Recruitment, Retention, and Leadership StrategiesSean GingView Video
The Use Of Technology To Drive Quality Improvement, Reduce Variability, And Build Stronger TeamsGabrielle WardView Video
Panel Discussion / QuestionsHammil, Lusk, Ging, WardView Video
Special Panel Session
Moderators: Tami Rosenthal, Desiree Bonadonna
Adult and Pediatric ECMO Simulation/EducationDavid FitzgeraldView Video
ECPR in PediatricsDr. Melania Maria BembeaView Video
Cardiohelp Oxygenator LongevityThomas PrestonView Video
CTEPH – Surgical CorrectionDr. Daniel TangView Video
Friday, February 3, 2023
Paper Presentations
Moderators: Joshua Walker, Hannah Gray
Prevention And Management Of Right Ventricular Failure After Left Ventricular Assist Device Implantation: Planned Versus Unplanned Biventricular SupportBrianna BurnsView Video
A Quality Improvement Initiative To Increase Adult ECMO Decision-Making Abilities In A Perfusion Education Program: The Use Of 3D ECMO SimulationAngela McIntyreView Video
Establishment Of A National Quality Improvement Program On Oxygen Delivery Index Cardiopulmonmary BypassAlfred StammersView Video
Normalizing Anti-Thrombin III For Heparin Management During Routine Cardiopulmonary Bypass For Congenital Cardiothoracic Surgery: A Single Institution Practice ReviewJoseph DeptulaView Video
Is Cardioplegia System Pressure The Optimal Measure Of Coronary Perfusion During Antegrade Cardioplegia Delivery?Allison TreanorView Video
Special Panel Session
Moderators: Allison Weinberg, Killian Patton-Rivera
Evidence Base for ECMO: Neonatal and CESAR TrialsDr. Giles PeekView Video
Neurologic Injury, Neuromonitoring and Neurologic Outcomes After ECMO in PediatricsDr. Melania Maria BembeaView Video
Elephant(s) in the ECMO RoomDr. Giles PeekView Video
Panel Discussion / QuestionsPeek, BembeaView Video
Memorial Session
Moderator: William Riley
Charles C. Reed Memorial Lecture
Reflections on Cardiac Surgery After Forty Years in PracticeDr. Constantine AthanasuleasView Video
Thomas G. Wharton Memorial Lecture
IntroductionWilliam RileyView Video
Symphony of PerfusionJustin ResleyView Video
Saturday, February 4, 2023
Paper Presentations
Moderators: Edward Darling, John St. Onge
Veno-Venous Vs. Veno-Arterial Cannulation Strategies In Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation For Treatment Of Neonatal Respiratory DiseaseJoshua FineView Video
Primary Graft Dysfunction In Donation After Circulatory Death (DCD) Orthotopic Heart Transplantations: A Study Of Procurement Strategies And How They Compare To Conventional Donation After Brain Death (DBD) TransplantsNathan PaganoView Video
COVID-19 And ECMO Therapy: The Relationship Between Coagulation Management, Thrombotic Complications, And Mortality - Is Standardization Needed?Caterra Heard-TateView Video
Survey Of The Use Of Perfusion Assistants In U.S. Based Cardiac Surgical ProgramsLaura Dell’AieraView Video
Special Scientific Panel Session
Moderators: David Fitzgerald, Anthony Evangelista
A New Operation That Delivers Living and Growing Valves: The First Human Partial Heart TransplantsDr. Joseph W. TurekView Video
Partial TransplantationDr. T. Konrad RajabView Video
Massive Air Embolism Case ReportJillian HollerView Video
Panel Discussion / QuestionsTurek, Rajab, HollerView Video
Special Scientific Panel Session
Moderators: Thomas Klein, Emily Kahring
ph Stat and Selective Cerebral PerfusionIsaac ChinnappanView Video
Transapical Cannulation for Mechanical Circulatory SupportDr. Ramesh SinghView Video
Donor Pool Expansion for Heart TransplantationDr. Katherine KleinView Video
Changing Bypass SystemsJohn HollerView Video
Panel Discussion / QuestionsChinnappan, Singh, Klein, HollerView Video