2024 AACP Meeting Videos – Nashville, Tennessee

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Thursday, February 8, 2024
Paper Presentations
Moderators: Tami Rosenthal, Murphy Rayle
Clinical Comparison Of Glycol Versus Water-Based Heater Cooler Systems For Cardiopulmonary BypassAmber StoneView Video
A Single Center Study On Mr Frosty: Is Glycol The Future?Joy EvangelinView Video
Intraoperative Electrophysiology Mapping Of The Cardiac Conduction System To Avoid Heart Block During Correction Of Congenital Cardiac Lesions: Technical Approach To Cardiopulmonary BypassJoseph DeptulaView Video
Multistage Bloodless Norwood Is Possible: Encouraging Results Of A Multiyear, Iterative Quality Program To Reduce And Remove Exogenous Blood Products For Neonatal And Infant Congenital Heart SurgeryKevin CharetteView Video
Predictors Of Mortality In Patients Requiring Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation Support (ECMO)Gabielle WardView Video
Special Panel Session: Our Early Years of Cardiopulmonary Bypass: A Blast From the Past
Moderators: Thomas Frazier, James Beavers
Pumps and HardwareSteven SuttonView Video
Circuit Components: From Open Bubbler to Closed Membrane SystemsDavid PalanzoView Video
Surgeon And Perfusion Related, Early Era, Myocardial Preservation TechniquesJames MacDonaldView Video
Perfusion SafetyMark KuruszView Video
ECMOJohn ToomasianView Video
Special Panel Session: Future Innovation: AI and HLMs
Moderators: Vince Olshove, John St. Onge
Big Data / Predictive AnalyticsJames BeckView Video
Future of Hardware / SafetyKathryn Gray DeAngelisView Video
Future of SimulationEdward DarlingView Video
Future of EducationLaura Dell’AieraView Video
Friday, February 9, 2024
Paper Presentations
Moderators: Gabrielle Ward, Robert Grimmet
Expansion Of The Heart Transplant Donor Pool With Donation After Circulatory Death Utilizing Normothermic Regional PerfusionLauren GawlinskiView Video
The Ethical Considerations Of Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning In PerfusionAdam FernandezView Video
Putting The AI In Training: Dynamic Perfusion Scenario ToolMadison LynchView Video
Developing Active Learning Activities For Didactic Perfusion CoursesCatherine KimView Video
Advances In Remote And Cloud-Based Simulation Through Web Conferencing PlatformsChandler CauseyView Video
Additional Q&AView Video
Special Panel Session: ECMO Update
Moderators: Allison Weinberg, Dana Mullin
Pediatric ECMODr. Melissa DankoView Video
Hybrid Cannulations / MCSKillian Patton-RiveraView Video
ECPRThomas PrestonView Video
Adult ECMODr. Christina JellyView Video
ECMO Case ReportAshleigh LeBlancView Video
Panel Discussion / QuestionsDanko, Patton-Rivera, Preston, Jelly, LeBlancView Video
Memorial Session
Moderator: Justin Resley
Charles C. Reed Memorial Lecture
Human Error and Teamwork in the Cardiac O.RDr. James AbernathyView Video
Thomas G. Wharton Memorial Lecture
IntroductionJustin ResleyView Video
The Ripple Effect: Unleashing the Power of Small ActionsDavid FitzgeraldView Video
Special Presentation from the Fellow MembershipDavid FitzgeraldView Video
Saturday, February 10, 2024
Paper Presentations
Moderators: Nicole Michaud, Ray Wong
Bivalirudin: An Anticoagulation Alternative For Cardiopulmonary BypassJoseph M. TimpaView Video
Anticoagulation Management Of Antiphospholipid Patients: A Comparison Of Act And Heparin Concentration OutcomesEdgar LongoriaView Video
Alpha-Gal Syndrome: A Hidden Risk In Cardiac SurgeryAshley MathewsView Video
Removal Of IVC Strut Using Minimally Invasive Surgery And Medistim Imaging ProbeEdward DelaneyView Video
The Effects Of Hyponatremia On Heartmate III Outcomes: A Single Center StudyDavid FitzgeraldView Video
Special Scientific Panel Session: Pediatrics
Moderators: Nicole Michaud, Joseph Deptula
Adult CongenitalBradley KulatView Video
Fetal Interventions for Hypoplastic Left Heart SyndromeDr. Jamie ColomboView Video
Pediatric RegistryVincent OlshoveView Video
Complicated CasesJoseph DeptulaView Video
Special Scientific Panel Session: Pro/Con Debate
Moderators: James Beck, Killian Patton-Rivera
Flow vs. Neo-SynephrineChristine Chan and Bharat DattView Video
Recredentialing for all CCPSAnna Iulianelli and Isaac ChinnappanView Video
Special Scientific Panel Session: Heart Transplantation
Moderators: Amy Ging, Scott Noesges
Donation After Circulatory Death (DCD) Organ ProcurementFred HillView Video
Normothermic Regional Perfusion (NRP)Dr. Ashish ShahView Video
Partial Domino Heart TransplantMonique GregoryView Video
Panel DiscussionHill, Shah, GregoryView Video