Sponsors’ Hands-On Workshop

Dear AACP Sponsor/Exhibitor,

Thank you again for sponsoring or exhibiting at the 2020 AACP Conference! We would like to provide you with some more detailed information regarding the Boardwalk Empire themed Sponsors’ Hands-On Workshop. The focus will be on team bonding with attendees and providing Sponsors with generous facing time with perfusionists. The team that will starting at your booth will be located at the bottom of one of the teams roster list provided and on the event mobi app. http://eventmobi.com/theaacp2020

• Each team will begin at their designated station and rotate when instructed in a clockwise rotation around the room.
• Each stop will be approximately 8 minutes each and you will be able to discuss your products with each team during this time period.
• Teams will receive a designated amount of casino chips after completing a Sponsor’s station. We will provide you the chips to be handed out and explain more details about the chips on the day of the event. In addition, Sponsors will score the team based on their level of engagement and team collectiveness by using the grade sheet provided (1 being the worst, 10 being the best).
• A total of 100 minutes of rotations will be made by all teams.
• Bonus chips will be awarded to that post a team picture on Instagram or Facebook with each sponsor, your team’s name and #AACP2020. Teams are to utilize their Social Media Representatives. These posts will be tasteful pictures of the teams with the Sponsor’s that will be approved by the Social Media Captain.
• At the conclusion of all rotations, there will be free time to allow teams to increase their winnings at the workshop gaming tables, visit with sponsors, and/or socialize!
• Each team will only be allowed to receive credit (chips) for a single visit at each Sponsors booth.

Ways for teams to collect chips after rotation time period:
1. Successful visit to non-visited Sponsors tables
2. Gamble at the Workshop gaming tables!
3. Bonus chips for FB/Instagram posts

1. Most Chips Accumulated Thursday Night – Announced: Thursday night
2. Best Team Pic from Photo Booth Station – Announced: Friday Night at the Gala
3. Overall Top Team – Chip Total from Thursday Night PLUS Sponsors Grades Announced Friday Night at the Gala

Captains of each team will be responsible for keeping their teams engaged and on schedule. Participants and Sponsors are encouraged to wear 1920’s themed attire. You may decorate your booth to the Boardwalk Empire theme and/or 1920’s period. Questions, contact Richard Melchior, melchiorr@email.chop.edu. We look forward to making this event entertaining while allowing our attendees and sponsors to develop lasting professional relationships!

The AACP Program Committee