Mentorship Program

AACP Student Mentorship Program Guidelines

Criteria to be Accepted

  • Perfusion Student (Domestic or International)
  • AACP Student Member
  • 2nd Year Student (Provisions will be made for <2 yr programs)

Criteria to Serve as an Academy Member

  • Fellow or Senior Member

Program Details

  • Student will be with Mentor for 1 year after Placement

Responsibilities of Mentor

  • Open line of communication between Student and Mentor
  • Contact (Email/Phone Call) within reason so that student is getting benefit
  • Provide educational resource from experience and didactic knowledge
  • Guidance with entering professional career

Responsibilities of Student

  • Maintain AACP Student Membership while in school
  • Reply to Mentors attempts for contact in a prompt manner

Responsibilities of AACP Student Liaison Committee

  • Contact Student and Mentor Quarterly
  • Make sure the needs of Student and Mentor are fulfilled
  • Any issues that may arise between participants will be addressed by the committee