Students enrolled in accredited perfusion schools can become members of The Academy. The dues for this category is $25.00 per year. The student receives all of the regular benefits of membership, with the exception of the yearly subscription to Perfusion. Student Members will have the ability to access Perfusion online. The Student Member Application must be accompanied by a letter from the school director verifying the student’s status and stating the expected date of graduation of the student.

Why should a student perfusionist become a Student Member of The Academy?

  • Become a member of a professional perfusion organization
  • Network with experienced perfusionists
  • Network with other student perfusionists
  • Attend the Annual Meeting with your registration fees waived
  • Have on-line access to the international  journal Perfusion


Student Experiences From The Annual Meeting

The AACP perfusion community welcomed all the students with open arms and produced an experience that we all viewed as a great privilege. The opportunities we had to interact with professionals in our field and establish these connections early in our careers served as an invaluable asset and we want to thank all of you who were a part of creating this experience! – Amanda Best

I had a wonderful experience at the Academy Meeting. Everyone always uses the phrase “perfusion is a small society”. The Academy meeting really felt like a small community. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. I’ve been to some meetings where students are shoved off to the side since we are students. The Academy meeting was so inviting to students. Fellows, vendors, and retiring Perfusionists seemed to love talking to students and wanted to hear what we had to say. It is definitely a meeting I would like to come to for years and I will recommend to everyone. Thank you for putting on such a great meeting that allowed for great interactions between the new generation of Perfusionists and those who are wise and experienced. See you all next year! – Molly Hageman

This year’s AACP conference was truly an amazing experience. Myself and the other students learned and were able to gain more knowledge in the perfusion field from the interesting presentations given. We were able to converse with students and Perfusionists during the extremely student friendly fireside chats. Last, but not least, I was able and honored to meet so many amazing Perfusionists and students. Everyone being so warm and accepting made this educational experience even more amazing. These are relationships I will keep forever and I cannot wait to continue attending and being a part of the AACP conferences.  – Rosanna Falco

Join the LinkedIn page for students only “Perfusion Students of the AACP”.

AACP Student Advisory Committee

Molly Bryant (Chairperson)
She attended perfusion school at Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s Cardiovascular Perfusion Technology program. During perfusion school Molly presented at several meetings (both poster and scientific) on ABO-incompatible heart transplants, a case report on ECMO post MVR, and Ex Vivo Lung Perfusion. Molly graduated in May 2014 from Vanderbilt and began working at Boston Children’s Hospital as a pediatric and congenital perfusionist. Molly has helped develop three classes for AmSECT University; Review Course-Perfusion Methodologies: Pediatrics I & II, and ABO-Incompatible Heart Transplants. She is very excited to assume the role as Chairman of the student liaison.
 Richard Melchior

I have had the pleasure to be in this profession for the past ten years and I am currently employed at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. I have held the position of the Student Advisory Committee Chairman for several years and enjoy working with the other committee members to make this a unique section of the AACP. The ability to help guide perfusion education students through their educational journey with this position has given me great pleasure during this time period. This student society is unique in that it allows a perfusion education student the ability to be exposed to a tremendous amount of information during the Annual Symposium, while being able to nurture a long lasting professional relationship with a Fellow Member. I look forward to the next AACP Symposium where the Student Advisory Committee members will be able to provide support for our future colleagues of this profession.



 William Riley 


I was born and raised just north of Boston, MA and have never lived more than an hour away. I currently live south of Boston with my wife and three children. I graduated from the Northeastern University Perfusion Program in 1999. I have worked as a full time perfusionist at UMass Memorial Healthcare from 1999-2002 and Brigham and Women’s Hospital from 2002-present, aside from a brief but impactful experience as a perfusion salesperson for eight months in 2012. I have per diem perfusion experience at other hospitals in the region over the course of my career.

My interests in the field of perfusion are mainly in the areas of education and safety with a particular focus on simulation and communication. As a former clinical site liaison for Brigham and Women’s Hospital I have developed many wonderful relationships with people in all aspects of perfusion education around the country. I have worked with industry on many projects and at many levels throughout my career.

I am a board member of the Massachusetts Society of Perfusion (MSP), The Accreditation Committee – Perfusion Education (AC-PE) and the American Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion (ABCP). I am a member of the American Academy of Cardiovascular Perfusion (AACP) and the American Society of Extracorporeal Technology (AmSECT).