Student Ambassador Program


Mission Statement

The purpose of the AACP Student Ambassador Program is to collaborate closely with members of The Academy in order to promote student participation in this particular professional perfusion organization. Through this collaboration, the students will be guided in the areas of perfusion related research and education.

To achieve these objectives, the AACP will encourage students to attend national meetings, present original research, participate in educational programs, to serve in organizational committees, and to join a mentorship program.


Student Ambassador Duties

  • Develop content for the AACP Student Section of the AACP newsletter
  • Attend meetings held with the members of the Student Advisory Committee
  • Solicit and Contribute new ideas to the AACP Student Society
  • Record minutes of all occurrences within the AACP student society
  • Contribute to the required duties at the Annual Symposium
  • Help organize the distribution of funds from the student travel fund