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The Academy of Cardiovascular Perfusion is a member of The Joint Perfusion Covid-19 Task Force which has been formed to support Perfusionists during this difficult time. Check out the resources available at


Managing Stress and Anxiety During Covid-19

Suggested Resources for Stress and Work-Life Balance 



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ELSO is offering a one-time free yearly membership to new center members in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Use code 68120617 when joining. Once they have completed the registration process, we will activate the center. This offer is good until the end of June. Once the center’s membership application has been approved, each center’s director and a coordinator will receive an e-mail with a username and password. Both will be administrators, so that they can renew membership (after a year) and add/delete users as needed. Centers will need to complete a data transfer agreement and anyone entering data will have to complete the data entry exam as usual. The link to join is:

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The Joint Covid-19 Task Force has been developed to aid our community to the best of our ability providing a bidirectional communication channel between all Perfusion organizations, information related to pertinent questions grounded in evidence where it exists and best practice when evidence is lacking, resources for mental and physical health during this trying time, and legislative resources in applicable states. This team has representation from the Australian New Zealand College of Perfusionists, American Academy of Cardiovascular Perfusion, American Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion, American Society of Extracorporeal Technology, Comprehensive Care Services, SpecialtyCare,, and the Michigan Society of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeons – Quality Collaborative.

Discussion community and webinar to follow.



COVID-19 Recertification Statement to CCPs

And ABCP Statement Regarding Cancellation of the March 2020 Examinations by Prometric






Management of Critically Ill Adults With Covid-19


Moment of Reflection …..

angler fish

by rose riley

though farewells were bade,
it feels as though there were none.
at best, as though there was a shortage.
what was to be a designated dosage of
an unpleasant tonic
has been stretched exponentially to an
indefinite spell in a slow-burning
slow-suffocating crucible.
arms itch and ache to hold torsos,
and between arms and torsos this
yearning is mutual.
home is a concept redefined,
as is care
as is patience
as is all
as is love.
along with cold,
with warmth.
but among the thick layers and shrouds
of uncertainty, unease, unknown,
there floats a light.
a small and gentle angler fish
devoid of teeth,
glowing of the redefined concept
of hope.